A challenge many user experience professional face is, “How do I record user research sessions with mobile devices?” Recently, I have been using a terrific app called Lookback that enables recordings via the software, microphone, and camera that already come with the device. As a result, user research sessions can just as easily be conducted […]

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Mobile First Written by: Luke Wroblewski Published by: A Book Apart Date published: 10/30/2011 ISBN: 1937557022 Interest is sky rocketing in responsive web design and designing for mobile devices.  With the explosive growth the adoption and sale of smartphones and tablets, there is a growing recognition that companies need to come up with an overall […]

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Autocircle and Homecircle, from USAA, are both online services that bundle shopping, financing, and insuring in one consolidated servicing application. Both of these are integrated into the USAA’s iPhone app. With the iPhone app for auto, they are advertising that you can apply for a loan and electronically transfer the funds to the dealership so […]

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