Customer: Large government client
Project Objective: Work with two government agencies who wanted to collaborate on a new program that would meet the needs of both.
Challenge: Key stakeholders from each agency needed to come to a consensus on key aspects of the project – who the users of the solution would be, key deliverables, timelines, and immediate next steps.

Strategy Workshop


  • Conduct a strategy workshop where key stakeholders were invite to provide input
  • Work as a group to develop assumptive personas to identify key aspects of the intended users of the program. Specifically, we developed hypotheses around demographics, motivations, key needs, and possible solutions that would resonate.
  • Ask individuals to create proposed solutions for aspects of the program weighing items such as viability, constraints, etc. These in turn were shared with the groups for discussion.
  • Identify all of the activities needed to get the program up and going. We broke these items into streams of work and then placed them on a matrix in terms of urgency.


  • We packed a great deal of activity in to a limited time, but the participants were pleased with the outcomes. After the workshop, we created a summary presentation that encapsulated the key take-aways from the strategy session.