Customer: Fortune 100 financial services client.
Project Objective: Revamp the entire customer self-service experience for all channels (sales, call center, and digital) for all products and lines of business.
Challenge: Connect processes and planning across lines of business in the organization that normally don’t work together or account for one another’s needs or priorities.

  • Collaborate with a large project team with representatives from across the corporation including lines of business, IT, marketing, etc.
  • Assist in planning and synchronizing activities of the digital team and ensure that the user experience was kept in focus throughout the process.
  • Collaborate on the creation of an experience brief that encapsulated the work of the entire project team. Provide leadership and direction via project team meetings and workshops.
  • Highlight opportunities for optimization for the user experience that also impacted others parts of the organization. Work with others to assess the impact and viability of the proposed solutions and resulting roadmap.
  • Provide guideance on the creation of digital assets in support of the new self-service experience.


  • This initial service design effort with the self-service experienced was so effective it spawned additional efforts using the methodology we developed for other areas including sales, claims, etc.