Autocircle and Homecircle, from USAA, are both online services that bundle shopping, financing, and insuring in one consolidated servicing application.Auto Circle Logo

Both of these are integrated into the USAA’s iPhone app. With the iPhone app for auto, they are advertising that you can apply for a loan and electronically transfer the funds to the dealership so you can bargain like a cash buyer.

Consumers are able to search for cars from USAA approved dealerships.  In addition, they are meeting consumers with additional products when they are at a key moment in their purchase process by offering them both loans and insurance.  Discounts are available for purchasing through approved dealers, and calculators help consumers determine their financing.  The approved loan information is forwarded to the dealer to help facilitate the transaction.  The insurance  coverage on the vehicle is immediate.

In addition to their website for Auto Circle they are also offering a mobile version via an iPhone application.